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Veterans & First Responders

We are honored to help Veterans and first responders with their hearing health.
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Hearing Education

Hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) are common problems for military, Veterans, and first responders. In fact, among all 900 disabilities suffered by Military Veterans, tinnitus is the most common, and hearing loss is second. The hearing cells inside your ear do not regenerate. Once those cells are damaged there is no way to restore them, this means once you have hearing loss there is no way to reverse it.

The best way to minimize hearing loss is to preserve your hearing cells. Most of the hearing loss among Veterans is caused by noise exposure from gunfire, aircraft, tanks, and bombs. Hearing protection for active military members and first responders is crucial to preserve hearing and reduce the risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss.

At Audiology and Hearing Associates, we carry a large range of custom hearing protection such as earplugs and shooter’s plugs for our Veterans, military members, and first responders. We are honored to provide the men and women of our country with the highest level of hearing protection to help them preserve their hearing and keep their ears safe. Contact our office today to learn more about our custom hearing protection.

Hearing Services for Veterans

Audiology and Hearing Associates is proud to help Veterans with their hearing health. We help Veterans with hearing loss by providing them with hearing aids through the VA. If you qualify for VA health care, you can receive hearing aids. We will provide a comprehensive hearing exam and determine what type of hearing aid you need. Then we will help you receive your hearing aids through the VA.

We provide the following services for eligible Veterans, including:


Disability audiology exams for Veterans and Service members


Assessment, treatment, and management of hearing loss and tinnitus


Other assistive listening devices such as TV and telephone amplifiers


Noise-induced hearing loss prevention services and aural rehabilitation services to optimize residual hearing