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We have been helping people hear better for over 30 years.
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Joseph Hallal, M.A. – FAAA

Joe is the owner of Audiology and Hearing Associates, LLC with locations in Broadview Hts, OH and North Royalton, OH. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing Science and his master’s degree in Audiology from Cleveland State University and also has an engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati.

Serving both adult and pediatric patients, Joe’s practice specializes in auditory diagnostic procedures, cerumen management, tinnitus assessment/treatment, hearing aid benefit assessment, and hearing aid fitting. Additionally, the North Royalton facility is housed within the only earmold lab in the Midwest (Great Lakes Earmold) which allows for a unique level of service inclusive of the fitting for custom earmolds, sound plugs, musician monitor ear plugs, hearing aid servicing, and hearing aid repairs.

Attention to details and compassionate care are the hallmarks of his practice with an unparalleled level of access – all patients receive Joe’s mobile cell number for use in the event of an urgent need. He is a member of the Ohio Academy of Audiology, Ohio Speech/Language and Hearing Association and Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology.

Veterans & First Responders

Veterans and first responders are at an increased risk of having and/or developing hearing loss due to loud noise exposure. At Audiology and Hearing Associates, we understand the importance your hearing plays in your everyday life. We appreciate the sacrifices our Veterans and first responders have made to ensure our safety. We are honored to help Veterans and first responders with their hearing health by providing specialized services.